The best photographs I saw last year

Two of the absolutely best images of last year, in every possible way for me, was both of elephants. Let it be no secret that the elephant, together with any of the large cats, are amongst my favourite animals on earth. These two fantastic images capture something I would die to experience myself. I would love to be paid to travel around the world and experience moments like these, both in front of, and behind the camera. I would love to have known what it feels like to be so closely connected to these truly astonishing animals, and to be able to both see, experience and capture images of this caliber. Naturally, these images are too perfect to be coincidental, and might very well be a set-up (I don’t know), but still, and no matter what, they inspire me in a way that I too want to experience this. I have one life to do this, it would be such a tremendous waste of my time not giving me an equal opportunity. †

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