That’s why we hate open office landscapes

I must admit I giggled a little when I saw this story coming up in the newsfeed at the Norwegian language newspaper “Nettavisen". I have spent a handful number of years working as the Expatriate Public Relations Officer in the Property Management Department of a real estate agency in Bangkok: actually Thailand’s largest complete real estate agency. During the first year, I was priviledged to have my own office, but then some truly smart heads decided that we all should have an open office environment. To say at least, I hated it…. in the beginning everybody was looking at eachother, or at least we all felt everybody looking at us. After a while, we settled in and got used to it.†

But, that being said, as a person, I prefer working in my own private space with the ability to close or keep my office door open as I please. †Today, I’m quite happy that I do not belong to an office environment any longer - even though I do miss working in Bangkok with some of the finest colleagues I have had in my career.

Working on a passenger ship (ferry), I have the opportunity to choose whether to stay on the bridge, do some work in my tiny office, or put on my bolier-suit and do some practical work. And yes, I do love picking up that water hose and clean my ship! Even we are a great but small family working together, only 5 to 7 people at a time, I sometimes wish we were more people - speaking with the passengers on a ferry like we always did on cruise ships, is still seen as very odd. It’s really hard to having been brought up on a cruise-ship, to be super-social with everybody - and then be limited to work on a tiny ferry where guests (passengers) doesn’t really want to interact at all. ††

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