Thai aviation growth soars

According to state-owned Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai),†Thailand is currently enjoying the highest aviation growth in the world. Thailand’s annual growth rate puts it right at the top of the list of countries in Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), as well as higher than the global average. Thailand’s growth rate is currently at between 10 and 13%, about two times higher than the reginal average of 6.3% in Asean.†

Thailand has the highest share of air traffic volume in the region, with 28%, followed by Singapore with 25%. It is however expected that both Myanmar and Vietnam will be next in line for high growth owing to their dense populations, growing economics and thriving tourism industries. The absolute peak of this growth is expected to be reached in about 15 years time.†

Aerothai is stressing that this wonderful ranking should be maintained in the future by cooperation, rather than competition. Aerothai is stressing they are willing to cooperate with countries that have big potential, and with that they call “aviation resources sharing”.†

A meeting between all ASEAN aeronautical agencies is expected to be held in Hanoi in May this year, under the theme “embracing change”. Next year, in 2018, Thailand will also host a conference on global aviation for the world’s major aeronautical radio agencies.

Domestically, Aerothai will also seek cooperation from other state agencies to help strengthen air traffic volumes. Among things to be discussed with Thai Air Foce in the near future, is “flexible air space” to better manage Thailand’s airspace for commercial and security purposes.†

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