Sunday afternoon round-up

It’s Sunday, and it’s both cold and dark outside: a day suitable to spend at home and inside. Here is a round-uo of some interesting finds on the world wide web.†

First an interesting article from the Washington Post showing photos from Norway which shows dissappearing ways of life in Northern Norway. †CLICK HERE.

Second, has an article with a total of 18 so-called “before-and-now” images from Norway. These are truly fascinating images, and even though we like to think everything is the same, clearly, nothing remains the same: not even the landscapes and places around us. CLICK HERE.†

The 3rd find and share today is a maritime-related article on National Geographic: showing how river and port pilots from all over the world train on handling big ships in narrow waters. And, yes, it is not the way you would think. Check out the story on NG. CLICK HERE.†

Number 4, is a video with English subtitles about the Bible versus the Koran. Which book do you think is the most shocking book? Is the bible as lame as you think? CLICK HERE.†

Number 5 is an awesome maritime find from youtube: the Ocean Eagle 43 in rough sea conditions. For this short film, make sure you watch it in full-HD and full screen. CLICK HERE.†

Article-find number 6 is an interesting article which asks what mode of transportation would you choose if crossing the Atlantic Ocean (that is, if you still had these options today)…. on board the Queen Mary, or on board the Hindenburg. †CLICK HERE.†

The 7th article to share with you all, is a collection of images from the life of a man which chooses a rather un-orthodox way of life: going through the day wearing only a Darth Vader costume. Now, that must be a great fashion statement, am I right? I chose to share this page with all of you because fashion is a very popular topic! CLICK HERE.†

The 8th and final share this evening is a video that gives me butterflies in my tummy because it reminds me of the years when I sailed on the Royal Viking Sun around, and around, and around, and around the world. Naturally, this is the age of Viking Ocean Cruises. CLICK HERE.†

With all those above pages, if you actually do go through them, you’ll have something to do tonight for the next 30 minutes or so. Have a good Sunday!†

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