Is it just me, but in the past 2 or 3 years, there have been a lot of astonishing news appearing about the space. There have been meteors suddenly appearing when they already are close to earth, some of which we saw exploding above Russia, there have been discoveries of water on planets, and there have been reports of gigantic objects in orbit around a newly discovered planet right in our backyard, in our solar system. The latter I find to be the most astonishing news and strangely, it’s been very little about in the press around the world. If we ever discover aliens, other lifeforms in space, it’ll undoubtedly be the biggest news in human history. For about a day. Then we will be right back to our own selfabsorbing lives again. †

National Geographic recently published another story which I find astounding. A new asteroid is due to pass uncomfortably close to the earth on Halloween, October 31st 2015… 1 PM EST. The distance from our planet to the asteroid will be just 1.3 lunar distances.†

Check out the animation in their blog! I think this looks too close to comfort, or what do you think?†

When there is one on collision course, how much warning will we REALLY get?†

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