Spitsbergen and the local paper

As mentioned on my FB-account a few weeks back, I tried waiting for the maiden departure of Spitsbergen from Trondheim, but eventually had to leave as they were late, and due to other “circumstances". On her second departure from trondheim, I was luckier than the first time, even though Spitsbergen also left late this time as well. 

I ended up being included in a story in the local paper together with a friendly German from a German ferry magazine, during my waiting-time to get the right shot. The funniest part about the whole chance meeting, was that he knew exactly WHO I was when he heard my name. It’s a small world after all! 

Naturally, here are two “sample-photos” of the photo I was out to get - of the second ever daparture from Trondheim, of the Spitsbergen, on July 4th 2016. The remainder of the images will in time be added to the ships own thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum

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