Songs in my heart

Depending your own interest in music, throughout life there will always be a number of songs that makes a special place in our hearts. With more trips commuting between Norway and Thailand last year and so far this year, than there are fingers on both my hands and a foot, that will naturally be Thai songs in my heart. I have spent a significant part of my trips in not only Bangkok, but also in the north-eastern regions of the kingdom: the so-called Isan region. With so many good friends there, both old and new, and the friendliness of the people, I have truly felt at home every minute of the day.†

During my many trips back home to Thailand, I have also been able to rekindle my passion for the entire region and all it’s wonderful people, music and traditions. I have also become more than normally interested in the local dialect, and a self-proclaimed star (as funny as it may sound, at least in my own head) at local karaoke places there. My songs below are perhaps not of interest to many of my readers here, but these songs are of the same artist, and some of my first picks as soon as I enter a place with a decent karaoke-system.

More about my travels and experiences in the poor Thai country side is coming in my travel bLOG over the next few days and weeks. You may therefore see this bLOG entry as a serious teaser.†

As a bonus, I would also like to share another song by another artist which I absolutely love listening to - as well as singing. This song is called Kham Phaeng (คำแพง) - literally†“My Dear" and is sung by a singer by the name Sek Chumpe (แซ็ค ชุมแพ). To me, and my eclectic taste in music, this song is just perfectly composed, and quite popular at different venues around the north east. If you are lucky, and your youtube is set-up correctly, I think it may even show you the translated meaning of the song as it plays.†

If you log in to youtube, and find my youtube channel, you may also find my complete list of favourite Thai songs in a specially created playlist there (link to play list here).

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