Solemsvåttan viewpoint

Well situated above Ranheim, there is a viewpoint called Solemsvåttan. There is a 20-30 minute steep hike to get there, but once you get there, you can continue the climb onto a wooden platform and get some pretty views of Ranheim and towards Trondheim. 

On the day I went there last week, there was only a few people at the top, but about a gazillion flies. Because of the flies, I didn’t last long on the top - they are so annoying! I did however press in a short release of the c-gull to get a few views of the area and it’s surroundings. 

The drawback at this place is the trees, which grows at a phenomenal pace each year. If there is no thinning out of the forest done soon, the view will be greatly reduced. The platform was raised by volunteers some time back. 

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