Size is not everything - Trollfjord and Vesterålen

At the same morning as when the cruise-ship “Arcadia" came to Trondheim (previous bLOG entry), there was also two coastal steamers meeting up. I was at the time visiting a close friend on board the Trollfjord sitting in the panorama-lounge. Sitting there talking over a hot cup of coffee, we both were on the look-out for the Arcadia to arrive, but then, another vessel also came into our conversation: the northbound Vesterålen. 

We decided that we would have to head ashore, and head over to my car to see if the c-gull would be interested in a quick stretch whilst at the same time waiting for the cruise ship. Well ashore and besides my car, there was some rain in the air and I was doubtful as to wether this would be a good idea or not. 

I eventually decided to give it a try, convincing myself that it wasn’t THAT much rain. I got some shots from a height of about 50-60 meters, and noticed the lens was getting wet: meaning it was time to land that thing! By the time I had c-gull back on the ground, it had already become moist at the wing-tips. 

These images below belong to those images that you (read: “I”) get really excited about, and can’t wait to see on the bigger computer-screen at home. They happen only sometimes. Either because they are unusual, capture a rare event, or because of other reasons. I guess these are in the category “unusual”, as well as an interesting size-comparison between two different generations of coastal steamers. 

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