Simplicity works magic sometimes

As a seaman that have so far spent some 20+ years working on ships, I thought I had seen almost everything when it comes to (sea)water, but after seeing this photographers images, I realized that clearly, I hadn’t. The photographer I’m talking about is called Ray Collins and this is his website and work:†

If you haven’t heard about him before, it’s about time you do. He proves that you do not need to go too far from your home to find motifs and inspiration to photograph: you just have to be creative enough to work with what you have got, and perhaps dare to get a little wet sometimes? Naturally, I highly doubt that the quiet Trondheimsfjord will be able to give me water like this… but then, who am I to know? †

I first became aware of his work through an article,†and then somehow through another master artist called Clark Little †

Now you got three links… go play!†

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