Ship drawings

Further to my previous bLOG-entry, here is another really cool link for all those of my readers that are remotely interested in things that float on the sea. The page behind the link below, is a page that will reveal some pretty awesome and humorous cut-aways from ships of many different kinds. If I had a lot more wall space at my home, and especially in my tiny home office, these are some that would definately be up on the walls. Sadly though, I have no wall-space whatsoever and so many pictures and paintings in storage, that might never see daylight on a wall.†

I do have a Norwegian acquaintance through CaptainsVoyage Forum, not sure if he ever comes here to read my bLOG, but he is an absolutely awesome artist with his pens and pencils. I have tried encouraging him to create something like these, but of ships known to us locally here in Norway. He would be great at it creating something cool. Despite having no space, I would more than likely purchase some of his works!†

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 19.30.05

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