Shadows of the past

Yesterday, on June 22nd 2015, the beautiful, classical- and former Norwegian Caribbean Lines (NCL) “white-ship” Starward came to Trondheim for what I believe was a maiden call. Despite having been in service since 1968, I personally doubt this ship has ever been to this city. I know she has been to Norwegian waters previously, but probably not to Trondheim.†

In this modern age of generically similar-looking megaships, this small ship is like a beautiful goddess of the sea. The ship’s long history is nothing but very impressive, under several different names and house-flags. She is a shadow of the past, when ships used to look like true ships.†

As I had to leave work to be able to attend a total check up at the city hospital yesterday, with only minutes to spare, I simply could not drive past the dock without making a very quick photo-stop to get some shots.

Today, unfortunately due to lack of time and energy, I will only share this one image that I find particularly interesting. In the near future, several more images will off course be shared here in the blog (and on the CVF forum) of this fantastic looking vessel.†

I call this image “Shadows of the past” and at the same time ask, how many names can you read on her bow?†

Louis Aura - Shadows of the past.†

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