Serenissima back to her home town

At the end of last month, a ship that has a very special place in not only my heart, but a lot of other people in Trondheim - and Scotland - as well. The former coastal steamer Harald Jarl returned to her former hometown of Trondheim again as the cruiseship Serenissima. Each time she comes back, a lot of people normally not making their way to the port, does make an extra effort to go and see her. A lot of people in Trondheim have a strong connection to the ship: either having worked on board, sailed with her, or in some other way been connected to the ship during her time as Harald Jarl.†

As a spectator that I met that day said to me: the Serenissima is truly poking a finger at all those investors that didn’t believe in keeping the ship in Trondheim at end of Hurtigruten-service, and she is a great testament to all those that tried so hard to keep her in town that time.†

Serenissima has since her maiden voyage four years ago, truly become a world-explorer. She has sailed around the world and visited far more exotic ports than any other former Hurtigruten ship before her. I guess only the former Midnatsol, now National Geographic Explorer, is in the same league as Serenissima - though, NG Explorer rarely (if ever) comes to Trondheim.†

If you want to learn more about the Serenissima, I recommend you looking into the very extensive, 83-pages long thread about the ship at CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

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