Second fashion entry…†

So, what can I possibly do to further increase the atractiveness of my blog here? Well, according to google, a sure way to get more hits is to write about fashion. LOL. So, without any further dues, here is my second ever fashion entry, because, the first fashion entry was so well read. (Double-LOL).†

A friend of mine in Thailand recently posted a picture of these shoes on his page, he had recently been standing in queue for a couple of hours to get them in red color. And, now off course, I want one pair too. The only problem is that they are not available in red color in Norway, just in black, and not even black is available here in my size. Let’s see if I have more luck with e-bay then. Apperantly there are a couple of pairs available from Hong Kong, but would they be the real thing, or just a simple copy? Should I trust the sellers rating and feedback? I just hate buying shoes over the net… anyone with experiences to share when buying shoes through e-bay?†

Adidas Springblade

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