Searching for some photos from the SS NORWAY

Dear all,†

I have been asking these questions several times, and I have not been able to receive any positive reply as of yet. Hence, I give it one more try. I’m looking for a couple of images from the SS Norway, that I do not have in my collection myself. It would perhaps be quite fantastic if ANYONE would actually have these two from the ship. But, as they say, if you don’t ask, you will never learn.†

Additionally, and naturally, if you know of someone that MIGHT have them, please let them also read through this blog entry by sharing the link to this page.†

The first image that I’d like to ask for, is a good-quality “head-on” image of that white & blue mural-wall of the midships swimming pool on board: an image which clearly shows the pattern used to create the wall. I strongly believe and hope someone photographed it, finding that person seems to be really hard.†

The second image I’m looking for is an image which shows the SHIPS DIRECTORY that was located in Stairtower 5 on Norway deck, outside the LEEWARD Dining Room. The reason why I’d like to have this photo is quite simply because this directory sign is now in my posession.†

In advance, if anyone could have pity on me and help me out on any or both of these, it would be greatly appreciated.†

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