Running through 2015

For the entire time last year, I used an activity monitor and an app from Withings, and some months back, they sent me these numbers based on my registrered activities. Even though I have a lot of issues with the app, it generally works well. The issues that I have is for example not correct recording of sleep time, pausing outdoor activity tracking without notice, and other app crashes. I have given up contacting customer support at Withings because the only standard reply I seem to be able to get is that I have to delete the app and reinstall it again.†

During the whole year, I registrered more than 2.7 million steps, including the best month, where I registrered an amazing 346.418 steps (that was while I was in Thailand! - talk about vacation!). Pretty neat - I think I will save these overviews and see if I can improve anything in 2016.†

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