Royal Yacht KNM Norge and their Royal Majesties

On 22nd of June 2016, their Royal Majesties arrived at Trondheim on board the Norwegian Royal Yacht KNM Norge. I must admit that it is not very often we get to see this beautiful ship arriving at Trondheim, especially in such a wonderful weather as that day. I had been waiting for many years, perhaps even decades, to get these shots of a ship that I think is one of Norway’s most beautiful vessels. I had previously only seen the Royal Yacht in various forms of winter lay up at Oslo, and perhaps also once or twice in other parts of Norway, but never got a chance to be in the right spot for picture perfect shots.†

These are some of the many images I took that day, and the following days. If you prefer seeing them in a little larger size, you will have to head over to CaptainsVoyage Forum in the ships very own thread to see: CLICK HERE. at that link, you will also find my previous images of the royal yacht, including a link to a video I made back in 2014, as well as the photographs of many other members of the forum.†

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