Rain - snow - rain - rain and even more rain

From my own childhood, rainy days were the best days I knew of. I loved sitting inside listening to a radio accompanied by rain on the windows, and doing my drawings, as well as heading out in full rain gear and walking the shorelines and the surrounding hills.

That has changed now - to a certain degree. I still love rainy days, but not when it’s raining almost without stop for ten days in a row. It would be really nice to have a day with sunshine in between, or longer than 15-30 minutes in between showers.†

Rainy days prevent me from sending out my C-Gull on a mission, it prevents me from cleaning my car, and it prevents me from walking outside. I do have rain-clothes but the thought of going out, is no longer tempting.†

How do you spend your rainy days? Are you a creature of habits, are you sticking to indoor activities or doesn’t the weather mean a thing?

Have I really become a “woos” or have I become too comfortable †with ammenities at home? Anyone else in the same situation, or a tip on how to change my mindset?†

Sunday at noon - streets empty of people, full of leaves. The following day, snow fell, and melted within the end of the day.†

Inside activities at IKEA might be an option to going out getting wet.†

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