QM2 vs the K

Tonight on versus, the massive RMS Queen Mary 2 versus the much smaller Korsfjord. As my luck would have it, and because the QM2 was slightly delayed from Trondheim, this meeting happened on the first crossing, just 10 minutes AFTER my own duty finished. Instead of getting the usual photos of the cruiseship, I got a shot even better than that: featuring both the QM2 AND the Korsfjord! †I probably couldn’t have asked for anything better, could I?

RMS Queen Mary 2 has been to Trondheim on several occations in the past, and trying to get a “different” shot each time is therefore increasingly difficult. Today, Wednesday August 24th 2016, as the cruiseship season is almost over, the weather wasn’t too good either: a light drizzle in the afternoon, overcast all day, and almost no wind whatsoever. ††

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