Prinsendam clocks in at 49000th post

Just right now, I made my 49.000th post at CaptainsVoyage Forum. The day before Christmas of 2016. I plan to make it to at least 50.000 before…. making perhaps another meaningless post. I chose my celebratory post with great care and planning. It had to be special, and what would be more special than the cruise ship which still makes my eyes tearful? The Prinsendam, to me known forever as the Royal Viking Sun. A ship that I started working on board in the lowest possible position, and which I realized that the sea will probably for the rest of my life be my job. I sailed her to every continent, and to hundreds of countries, island chains and territories. I have so many great - and bad - memories from her, but as a human being, I, for the most part seem to only remember the great moments.†

Check out some more images of the Prinsendam’s visit to Trondheim on July 1st 2016 here (opens in a new tab).†

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