Planespotting at TRD

While I was waiting for that Kalitta Air Boeing 747-visit last Friday, I had some time to kill. Since I was in what I would consider the perfect position, planespotting would be the most natural thing to do, and so I did. Here are a couple of sample-images I took while waiting. Planespotting at TRD can be a very time-consuming process when compared to for example Bangkok’s Suwarnabhumi Airport. The frequency of arrivals and departures at TRD, is too slow for me to do this activity more often. I tend to show up though, when a special aircraft is expected (especially big planes - I love big planes!).†

As usual,†I have a few more larger-sized images from the day, but they are being held exclusively for†CaptainsVoyage-Forum.†

Two aircrafts from short-distance operator Wideroe at the tarmac.†

LN-WIO - A De Havilland DHC8-103 bound northwards.

LN-RPK, a Boeing 737 that headed south after it’s climb.†

LN-RPK, a Boeing 737 that headed south after it’s climb.†

LN-WDI Bombardier DHC8-402 Q400.†

LN-NOT: another Boeing 737, this one from Norwegian Air Shuttle.

PH-EXC in the colors of KLM city hopper, the aircraft being an Embraer 190STD.

Some of the other flightspotters that came out that day.†

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