Photobucket ransom†

Two days ago, my latest Photobucket subscription expired and I was asked to pay a LOT more to continue using their services. Over the past few days, I had recieved a handful of e-mails explaining how kind they have been to “grandfather” my old subscrition until expiry date. I don’t agree that was out of their kindness, they simply had to provide the services as long as I had a valid, paid subscription.†

I really don’t want to get into the whole ethics-issue by this popularly called Photobucket-ransom, there are already tons of similar experiences all over the Internet. Basically, to put images on other websites (called 3rd party hosting), they suddenly demanded a whole lot more in annual subscription fees. The ransom-feeling comes from those users, me included, that have uploaded some thousands images already, and linked them in forums all across the Internet. If you didn’t want to see the images disappear, you would have to pay. To reupload all the images to another provider, and relink all, would be a massive and perhaps even near to impossible task. I chose to let them disappear.†

I have moved over to a FLICKR account which I hadn’t used for a long time, and are starting to find my way around their userpanels. Hence, my image uploading may continue in the future, but all my images from the past will most likely have all disappeared by now.†

What did you do? Do you think this action by Photobucket was ethical?†

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