Perhaps the world’s best newspaper

The title “World’s Best Newspaper” might be a very personal and individual price, but for me it is clearly not Adresseravisen of Trondheim (which I personally think is not worth the ink used to print it), but Bangkok Post. Not only are they quite good at reporting news as they happen in Thailand, but they do also contain a lot of interesting articles from other places in the world too. And not only that, they have great insight reports on general life within supplemental papers to the main paper. And as if that wasn’t enough, they take great pride in delivering truly beautiful photographs of various kinds. Till this day, even I left my life in Thailand years ago, I still subscribe and read the paper on a daily basis through their brilliant e-paper version. I just can’t stop reading this paper, and I probably never will either.†

Below are four examples of what you are missing when and if you are not a subscriber. Subscribe now!†

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