Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

This might be the next cool thing within photography: even though no price has yet been revealed. Check it out…. I wonder how many times it will survive being dropped onto a hard surface…. What do YOU think, will you buy this one?†

At the same time, I would also like to share this link about a photo project entitled “Shoot the Skies 365 Photography Book”… idrect link to page:†

Changing the world with a book

My life was changed forever in 2012 when a Roma Gypsy man in Sofia Bulgaria offered to sell me his 6 month old baby for 50 dollars, simply because I said he was beautiful.

That moment inspired me to do something. In 2013 I released a photograph every single day with one goal in mind: To publish this book, a 365-day photo journal created to abolish human trafficking.

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