Norway - is this OK?

I might be stepping into a worm-hole but I find these two articles troubling. They are both from Norway and Norwegian media.†

The first article states that despite the fact that the Oslofjord-tunnel is soon paid for, the tollgates will remain open and take money of motorists. Tollgates are a nightmare in one of the richest countries in the world - they are used as milking machines to make motorists bleed through their wallet, and they spread like wildfire. People - the population - is dissatisfied and complain for some time, but then end up accepting more and more of them being installed and opened. What I find disturbing about this article is that the companies behind the tollgates are making a LOT of money on motorists, and when their job is done, the Government is allowing them to contniue take money from travelers. Strong forces behind big money.†

The second article is talking about the ski-jump in Trondheim, which politicians wants to spend nearly 800 million NOK on upgrading, while at the same time, the old city bridge is rottening and the care for elderly is being drastically cut. I don’t feel we can afford spending 800.000.000 NOK on a ski jump for a handful athletes when there are more pressing, urgent matters to take care of… but as a commenter states: “there is no ribon cutting in helping elders or restoring city artifacts like the old-city bridge”. Everything for publicity.†

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