New long-distance aircrafts for Thai Airways

Thai Airways International have for quite some time been in the process of finding new long distance aircrafts for their fleet. The new aircrafts are needed to replace all the 10 remaining Boeing 747’s with an average age of almost 19 years, as well as several of the 12 remaining Boeing 777-200’s with an average age of around 16 years.

Thai Airways is looking for around 30 to 35 new aircrafts, and the choices are naturally between Boeing and Airbus. Airline-specialists thinks the Boeing-alternative 777X is the best way to go, ahead of Airbus. Sources within the airline is not sharing that opinion and means Airbus is the better alternative for the future. Rumors state that the final battle will be between Boeing 787-9 and Airbus 350-900. †

Contracts are believed to be finalized and signed by the end of 2017.

So far in time, Thai Airways has recieved seven Airbus A350-900 aircrafts, from a total order for 12. In addition, there†are also two Boeing 787-9, together with six 787-8. in the fleet. Plans for 2018 is to move Dreamliners to operate on †destinations in Europe and Australia. One of the reasons this hasnt been done already, is that their Boeing 787-8 aircrafts have not been delivered with sleeping-quarters for the crew. Crew on long-distance routes are required to have sleeping quarters because of in-flight crew changes. One of the first Boeing 787-8 aircrafts is soon back in the fleet after having been rebuilt to provide required sleeping quarters for the crew. This rebuilding program is to continue over the next months.†

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