New business class seats at SAS

Not too far into the future, Scandinavian Airlines is planning to upgrade their business class cabin (off course, and like always, there’s nothing happening in Economy Class worth mentioning in media). I have to admit that the new seats for their business class long-haul flights are really beautifully designed and will certainly be a whole lot more comfortable than what is the case in economy class. The colors are subdued and so … ehhh… Scandinavian.†

Now, my dream would be to have these two seats at home in my living room. Imagine having these kind of seats as the TV-seats at home, for movie watching! To be quite honest, I did some online searching to see if there is anywhere private people can buy the old business class seats from aircrafts. There were some on e-bay, located in the US (naturally), but I wouldn’t say these were as beautiful as the two seats below. The price of such arrangements are also prohibitve from my side. I also called up SAS via chat and asked them what they’ll do to the old seats, but they asked me to call the head office in Sweden. Well, if I can’t afford that call to Sweden, I probably can’t afford buying the old seats either. (LOL)

But, the day I become a millionaire, or a new Justin Bieber - which is never off course - I’d buy these for my TV-lounge.†

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