Nedre Leirfossen - Lower Leirfossen Dam

Finally, the time was right and I got the image I had been thinking about ever since I put my wings in the air at “Øvre Leirfossen” (Upper Leirfossen Dam). This image is of the Lower Leirfossen Dam, slightly furter downstream from the upper one. By the power station there is a very popular park for barbeque-picnic’s and feeding birds such as squeeking seagulls and various ducks. Throughout time, this area has certainly changed a lot. There wasn’t many houses around the dam decades ago, especially not on the western side of the dam (to the left in the image). 

This area will be so much more beautiful in about a month’s time when all the trees and vegetation eventually blooms and the temperatures melts the final spots of snow. The air is still a bit crisp as soon as you move into the shaded areas, and don’t get the warmth from the sun. I can’t wait for summer to arrive again! 

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