My Royal Viking Sun†

A few days ago, a very special cruise ship came to visit Trondheim: she is currently sailing as the Prinsendam of Holland America Lines, but to me, she will always be the Royal Viking Sun. As you may know, the Royal Viking Sun is the first ship I worked on for an extended time: for nearly 4 years she was my home, and took me to some of the most exotic places around the world that you can ever imagine.†

As you can see from these below images taken last week, she still retains her elegant and timeless beauty. Since my time, she has however been rebuilt slightly above the Promenade deck aft, which I think could have been done a little better using some curves as opposed to square corners. But, thankfully, from certain angles, the rebuild is harder to spot.†

Each time I see this ship, I always get a big lump in my throat and some pretty wonderful memories comes to mind. Nearly 3 decades have now passed since I last signed off the Royal Viking Sun in Barcelona for a transfer back to the SS Norway. I still remember the day I signed off, and when I stood on the dock looking up at the bridge of the ship. ††

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