My presence on youtube and vimeo

Over the time, I’ve had a total of three youtube-channels but with one (largely unused) now deleted, only two remains as of this moment. At the oldest channel, I have some videos uploaded a long time ago, of various (terrible) quality. I thought about deleting this one too, but one of the video’s in this channel has an astonishing 114.558 views - I’ll never be able to create another upload that will gather that many views, every again. That video is an old video from the ealy 90’s, shot in absolutely horrendous quality (by today’s standard) and is of a storm-full meeting in Vestfjorden between coastal steamers Lofoten and Vesterålen (LINK HERE).

To be completely honest, probably very much like one of my most loyal followers, I have never been a great fan of the intergation between youtube and google, because I have also found the one-account-for-everything a bit complicated and hard to fully understand. Google, and all their associated websites and log-in places, is like reading the massive amount of linked- and backlinked UDI-pages of Norway (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration), trying to figure out what is the latest and current rules on immigration. As my most lyal follower also stated, and to which I wholeheartedly agree - there is at least three good things with Google: 1) Google Earth, 2) Google Maps and 3) Google Street View!

The second youtube-channel was created fairly recently and it has quickly become my primary channel of choice. For simplicity and for branding purposes (after all, Im known for CaptainsVoyage by many), I called the channel CaptainsVoyage. I must admit that I have a small dream of turning it into something a little bigger and integrate it further with my bLOG here, but in fact, I find myself rather shy at times (can you beleive it?). In my wildest and craziest future dream, I would love to be something between two of my biggest role-models, Sir David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman. First, and perhaps the biggest obstacle would be that I have to stop being so self-conscious and critical of myself - I guess. Nothing wrong in aiming high (and having some sense of humour about it), though when we aim high, we might also set us up to become disappointed more often. In conclusion, one thing is sure though, in the future I plan to do more of what I enjoy myself, and if someone else likes that too, that would be really cool.

The third channel that I also still have is a vimeo-channel. Sadly, I have not uploaded much material there lately either, as they still do not offer LIVE transmissions from various gadgets. As per an semi-official vimeo statement I came across online, they are clearly stating that they are - and will only be - a video-hosting platform with no plans whatsoever to offer tthe LIVE-feature. I think with the speed at which technology is fast changing, I fear that by not offering this feature to their users, it might be an unfortunate mistake by vimeo. The growing poularity of youtube, and their easy-to-use LIVE-streaming capabilities, made me create my new youtube-channel as mentioned above.

So, with the new youtube-channel, I’m sure that there are many readers with valuable tips and wishes to what they want to see featured in the future, at least I hope so. Naturally, more travel videos will be added in the future, and I guess I need to follow the advice to make some kind of regular upload-schedule to attract more viewers, in addition to a lot of new material. Once a week is perhaps ideal… on a special day and time… but for me, that’s going to be really hard to stick to I think. I have no idea if it’s a good idea to share video’s as intermittently as I have done, and with so many different subjects. I guess I cater to a very eclectic crowd.  

Oh, and I need to make a “less-than-1-minute presentation video” for new viewers and subscribers on the channel. Fear is already building up! It’ll be interesting to see how long time it’ll take before that task is done. Any bets?

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