Movember 5th 2015

Today is the 5th day of Movember and I’m going to try letting the beard grow for the whole month, despite that it now already itches terribly. November is the so-called Movember month: a month long tradition to raise awareness for testicular cancer, cancer in the prostate and psychological health. Men are therefore urged to let facial hair grow for the entire month.†

These images are some “impressions”, some scenes from my day today, captured by iPHONE.†

How was your day today?†

Christmas coffee in the morning at Starbucks Solsiden.

iPHONE: Colorful wall at autumn.

iPHONE: Former Rosendal cinema, now I think it is abandoned.†

IMG 9864

5th day of MOVEMber… letting the beard grow.†

In reference to the blog entry of yesterday, my dear Thailux, “ Glenn”, was finished at the dealer ship today. Thankfully, it wasn’t the 1 year old waterpump and timerbelt this time, they found a large gravel-stone firmly implanted in the radiator. That stone subsequently caused a massive leak, so the radiator had to be replaced. I therefore†“saved” about 2000NOK on the repair cost this time.†

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