Merry Christmas to all 

During the past weeks, several of my (real) friends have been chellenged to quit their Facebook for 3 months: I mean like taking a complete vacation from social media. Therefore, I was also challenged to do the same thing, but I just don’t have the ….. (so-called) balls to do that, I just could not go through with it. Facebook could be considered a disease and a waste of time, I honestly agree, but, then again, Facebook also makes it possible to check up on friends and connections from all over the world, and sometimes, keep up with how their lives are going. There is currently no other simple way to stay in touch. E-mail doesn’t work, Skype seldom works, phone-calls are disturbingly expencive when calling all over the world… Facebook is still the simplest and most effective way to say “hello, how are you?”… and “I was just thinking about you”.  

A few days ago, I came over this English language short-documentary on Norwegian newspaper VG, and I do recommend you having a look at it. (!/video/118918/why-i-m-not-on-facebook/6 ). There is also a “trailer” for this film on youtube, if the above link doesn’t work in your corner of the world: see the trailer here

I guess the clue and the solution is to find the perfect balance in everything, right? I may not be so active on social media anymore, and I do try to stick to a set time-limit each day, let’s say an hour, checking messages and doing a quick browse through my newsfeed. That naturally also means a lot will be missed, not only because of the way Facebook works but also because some people do share a lot of totally uninteresting things and games and …”stuff” … as well. That being said, with everything that is now being shared, the newsfeed can sometimes be very long to browse through if you have only an hour a day to check it. 

Anyway…. talking about Facebook again was not the intention with this blog entry of today. What I wanted to say  tonight, in between very long day shifts at work, is that it’s only 2 days left till Christmas Eve. And with that comes my message to everyone that happens to read my blog: 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy Holidays! 

As I will be away a lot for work, I doubt I will have many more chances to update the blog with a new entry before Christmas. For some reason far beyond my comprehension, my vessel must go back and forth across the fjord at intervals more frequent than during a normal day, all through Christmas. 

In closing, what better way to celebrate Christmas than by sharing earlier moments of celebration with all of you? Also, I do recommend you to return to this blog of mine some time again before the end of the year, to read my next entry: “25 persons thank you 2015”. 



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