Mein Schiff 4 and the Nautica

On a way too windy day at the end of June, (pardon my French), I realized that I had grown bigger ba!!s than ever before. With too a “too-high-wind-velocity”-warning beeping off at my remote controller, and less than favourable conditions, I set out to catch just a few shots of the relatively new German cruiseship Mein Schiff 4. That being said, with no people around and just the Trondheimsfjord below, I considered it as a safe launch anyhow. The images might not be too spectacular, but at least I made a record of the day for my own memory later in life.†

The following day, the conditions were a lot better allowing me to fly out on the seaside of the visiting ship to capture more unusual perspectives of the Nautica. More than ever in the past, I have become quite confident in the increadible abilities of my c-gull. It’s an amazing technical marvel to say at least: it’s got it’s flaws, no doubt, but after more than 60 hours of total flight time, I’m often finding myself at picking the c-gull as my primary camera ahead of the DSLR.†

If you do like cruise ships, you may wish to consider visiting††as well.†

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