Mahalai Wua Chon

Currently, one of my absolutely favourite Thai singers is Pong Phattalung of Patthalung Band (วงพัทลุง). They have made many pretty cool songs,†romanticising†Thai country life, with wonderful accompanying music, in the past year, and are super-popular in parts of Thailand, particularly in their home-province of Phattalung (south Thailand). I have created a publicly visible playlist mostly for myself at youtube with all their songs, and more than 120 other songs by other local bands…. I keep on playing all these songs in my playlist in every available moment of the day, every day. †

The playlist: >LINK<

One of their most popular songs, Mahalai Wua Chon (literally "Wua Chon University") has also been translated into a cuteness-overload Thai-glish song (a local mixture of Thai-English). Very enjoyable to say at least, well reflected in the play count which at present is nearing 6,4 million times!†

Mahalai Wua Chon:†

The original song in Thai language has been played more than 173 million times!, and is number 2 on my playlist. The original can also be found here too:†มหาลัยวัวชน-วงพัทลุง

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