Looking for the perfect carry-on

In the past, I have been travelling the world with a backpack (camera-bag) as well as a smaller laptop-bag. This is a rather heavy set up to carry around on long walks through airports - especially if you don’t fly first class and someone actually carries the bag for you. I also have an older Samsonite carry-on suitcase (with wo wheels), but it’s so heavy that it’s not optimal with the cabin-baggage limitations. 

These days, with my next trip just days away, I’m looking for one of those 4-wheeled easy to roll carry-on’s. I have found one Samsonite Prodigy which I like a whole lot because it’s got a lap-top space on the front. I also like it because it really rolls away easily - better not leave it unattended on an un-even terminal-floor. The one I’m looking at is listed at 2300NOK but I hope to find it on sale this coming Black Friday. If the shop doesn’t put it up with a good discount, I guess I can still wait. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 14.41.57

Samsonite Prodigy

Then, on to a suitcase I have been dreaming off for a rather long time, but which is absolutely not practical at all. The suitcases of German Rimowa. Their carry-on bag is a whopping 6700SEK and weighs in at almost the weight limitations for cabin bags (in economy class). If you fly economy with a Rimowa, you may not be able to fill it with anything else than a few sheets of paper. In first class, naturally, you can fill your carry-on more. 

From a sales attendant at the Arlanda Airport Rimowa-store, owners of Louis Vutton apparently bought some 80% stake in Rimowa about a year ago. He suspected that thos purchase might drive the Rimowa- brand recognition - and price - up furthermore. So far, for many of the Rimowa models, there are long waiting lists for people who have inteded to buy one of the models. For example, the largest suitcase from Rimowa at least has a one year waiting list, I was told at Arlanda. Additionally, Samsonite apparently also bought the TUMI-brand. 

Rimowa are beautiful suitcases (if that can be said about a bag), and for those truly interested, they can be spotted from a long distance. I can normally spot the fake Rimowa’s from the real thing, and there are a lot of look-alikes and fakes. Rimowa is not for the infrequent traveller, it’s a tool for the business traveller continously on the road to go somewhere. 

Some of the models of Rimowa also features new technology such as the E-tag (electronic baggage tags), even though they are not supported by most of the airports around the world as of yet.

Rimowa cabin-bag with four wheels and the E-tag.

How do you travel? Light with just a small bag, or a heavy bag stuffed with all your essentials? What are your travel secrets? 

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