Local shipping - Vargøy

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, most of the cargo transported within Norway, were carried by small coastal freighters. Nowadays, these freighters are all vanishing as the cargo is transported across roads on trucks and trailers instead. There is however a few ships still trading up and down the coast with cargo, like for example the VARGØY below. 

Not only is the cargo ships almost gone, but it appears as if the once largest maritime nation in the world, is reduced to a minimum. Norwegians in the past used to look out across the oceans, but now, they have turned their back to the fjords, to the oceans and to the ships. It’s really tragic to see that our “chosen” politicians don’t even bother about it. Promises are a plenty, but actions tell another tale. 

In the future, perhaps our maritime heritage will only be seen on display on land, or in museums, like the conning tower of an ULA-class submarine at Dora, Trondheim. 

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