Life and death

Earlier this week, I had to attend my bi-weekly hospital runs at Saint Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim, and as I was about to finish a long day of talks, tests and consultations, I went outside. It was already around 3 in the afternoon, and the sun had just set. Indeed, winter time is approaching, and I can’t wait till the sun “turns” again on December 22nd next month. Since a long day at the hospital normally involves a lot of walking, waiting and un-dressing, I didn’t bring my big camera with me, but only the mobile phone.†

I caught this image as I was preparing to go home, and got to thinking that within these buildings, life starts for many, and life also ends for some. People go in here to get the perhaps best or worst messages in their life, some might have a new family member while others are loosing one. So much life and death in these buildings, so many personal life stories, tragedies and happiness.†

But, in the end, that is not what is important. The important is what we do BETWEEN these two guaranteed events in life. Make today the best day in your life.†

As a final question on today’s blog entry: if your life was a book, would you read the end?†

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