Last cruiseship to Trondheim 2014

On the last day of 2014, also the last cruiseship to visit Trondheim this year came to town. On a wintercruise to see the Aurora Borealis in northern Norway was the cruiseship Black Watch of Fred Olsen Cruiselines. She came to town around 9 in the morning and departed a few hours into 2015. Despite the darkness and what seems to be a soft-focus problem with my camera, I managed to catch a quick photograph of her on my way to work in the evening.†

Black Watch is the former Royal Viking Star of Bergen. She was delivered in 1972 and operated her first years under the house flag of the luxury cruiseline Royal Viking Line. In her career, she also carried names such as Westward, Star Odyssey, and finally, since 1996, she has been sailing as the Black Watch.†

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