Kongens gate in Trondheim

Going home from another nightwatch yesterday morning I caught this mobilephone image at Kongens Gate (the King’s street) in Trondheim. The night had brought us some fresh snow and the temperature was still around 1 to 2  degrees at the time. Trees were still white from the fresh snow and I was imagining how nice it would be to take a walk along streets with a camera catching some more snaps of the relatively empty city. Lack of sleep however made me go for another option: home to the sofa and a warm blanket. 

As a point of focus, I can’t drive past this intersection without thinking about the empty plot of land on the other side, to the right. There used to be a building I would be very familiar with during my childhood, a big yellow wooden building with a toy- and funstore called “Skøyermakeren” (literally the “fun-maker”). The building was torn down a few years ago after the store closed their doors. At the time when they went out of business, I vaguely remember that they were supposedly the longest operating toystore in the town. 

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