It’s all about the trolls

Earlier this afternoon, I posted the follow-up images to my summer trip report from last year: this time, images from the Trollveggen visitors center (the Troll’s Wall), a few from Trollstigen (the Troll’s Ladder) and eventually, some additional images from the road leading to the world heritage site Geiranger.†

To see the images, in larger format, you will as usual have to head over to CaptainsVoyage Forum and look at my summer-thread, starting at page 5 and then turn to page 6 as well. These are just samples at what you will find there.†

As usual,†if you have any comments or questions, I’ll be extremely happy to read them below. I will also appreciate you all helping me get this blog to go viral and help me get more readers, by sharing a link to the blog entry/entries on your Facebook or Twitter pages.†

If you have no idea what a “troll” may be, this is one of the troll’s that I met along the road, which for some reason, hadn’t turned into stone yet (they usually turn into solid rock and mountains when exposed to direct sunlight).

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