Innovative airline safety videos

Here are three quite innovative airline safety videos for 2017 - and all I can say is: “come on Thai Airways, you can do way better than your current safety video from 2012!”.

The first one is called Spirit of Australia and naturally, comes from Qantas Airlines for their A380. Brilliant - especially love the Aussie accents and the trip around the country. Surely, it would have made me quite a bit excited had I been on the way to Australia on an A380 right now.†

The second inflight safety video is also for the A380 and what is considered the world’s best (at least according to most of my friends, even though I have never flown with Emirates) and fastest growing airline, Emirates. Particularly love the first class suites in the video - a suite which is one of my biggest†dreams to experience - but also love the white, simpleeconomy class. The whole video reminds me of almost a cardboard/plastic-looking interior, hopefully, the real thing is way more solid.†

The last one is for Philippine Airlines and is perhaps the most genious of these three, at least my favorite. I cant get myself to understand why Thai Airways (THAI) has not yet copied their idea, being one of the worlds foremost tourist destinations with so much beauty to see.†

At the same time, I’d love to hear from you what you think your favourite airline safety video is. Even though the messageon all airlines are nearly identical, there is a wealth of ways going through the mandatory information.†

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