In the spirit of Summer Olympics

As the images from the opening of 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio rolled across the TV-screens all over the world a few hours ago, I was immediately reminded of the Summer Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona. Back then, I was a young, aspiring 2nd officer of the luxury cruise ship Royal Viking Sun which served as a hotel ship during the entire games, chartered by NBC. As far as I can remember, some 13-14 cruise ships was being used as hotel-ships back then, some of which today are no longer sailing. Crystal Harmony, Vistafjord (or Sagafjord?), Cunard Countess, Crown Jewel, Seabourne Pride, Daphne (and/or Danae), Crown Odyssey (or was it Royal Odyssey?), Berlin, one or two of the Sea Goddess-ships….. my memory may have faded as you clearly can understand. I’m sure others both will, and can correct me on the names of the ships.†

I might have to take some time to make a deeper dive into my paper-picture-collection, and perhaps even scan them again…. I guess I will need to find my swimpants and a snorkel, because that will be a rather deep dive into so many thousands of images from those years.†

So, in the great spirit of those games, I thought it would perhaps be suitable with a quick dive into my own files, where I found these old images from 1992. They are absolutely not the best images, they are scans of my own old-type printed photos, scanned some 12+ years ago on a basic scanner by today’s standard. Just memories.†

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