In the name of nostalgia

Following my previous blog entry about old buses, my next blog entry is also written in the name of nostalgia. Times have changed and are still changing (fast). Growing up in a time where mobile phones, computers or iPAD's were not yet invented, makes me feel really old. I do remember however, owning a type writer for a year when I studied, and my job as a Safety Officer on the SS Norway, where the shipboard interoffice memos were still written on a typewriter. I also recall the first laptop I purchased in Miami, a Toshiba Sattelite Pro. It was purely for writing documents, there was nothing called Internet Explorer yet on it. Nor many other programs for that matter.†

Even though the two images below are taken in the same month, they are several decades apart. I have no idea from what year the Erika typewriter hails from, but I would presume pre-WW2. It could be a Model S from 1937, but I’m no expert in that field.†

The 13 inch MacBook Pro is however a lot newer, around 2012-model.†

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