In search of genuine Moroccan lanterns

One thing I have been wanting to hang on my balcony for so many years, are a couple of colourful Moroccan lanterns such as some of those in the below images from Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok. Locally here in Trondheim, the city of nothing special, there is only one store that has something similar, but a much simpler design and much smaller size: a shop at Nordre gate called Indiska.†

Naturally, I have also made several searches at online stores but have not yet found two or three that pops out as truly special. There are some good candidates at e-bay, but the ones I liked was not available for shipping to Norway.†

I guess the best option is to go to Marocco and buy a genuine one, or ask for one of those that hangs in the ceiling at Terminal 21.†

Do you have any tips on where to get Moroccan lanterns in a safe and efficient way?

2015 06 01 Thailand holiday-IMG 4617

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