I tried being normal once…†

… and to make a long story short, that was the worst two minutes of my life. Many people have found it quite †entertaining criticising those that does not fit in a particular form, like me, for not being normal. When I was created, the mold had to be destroyed afterwards, just to make sure I would not be replicated ever again. My genepool definately should have contained a bit more chlorine, but do you really think I care?

The image below are from some increadibly happy years of my life. When I started working for Crystal, it was almost like returning to Royal Viking Line. The people of the Crystal Family were - and many still ARE - amongst the finest people in the world. I would like to dedictae this blog entry to all that have kept in touch despite all the years which have passed. Today, it is a little more than 10 years since I left Crystal, and right now, exactly ten years have passed since I started working as Public Relations Manager in Bangkok, Thailand.

10 years!†

It’s almost surreal and so hard to believe. What an amazing journey it has been. I have for the most part no regrets about voyages in my life, including the ten last years, but I’m really getting restles planning for a new, exciting adventure. Where my voyage will take me the next ten years, nobody knows. Not even me.†

13 years ago: my Deck Department Crystal family

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