I think BKK could do better

On selected airports around the world, and on 12 so-called key airports, Star Alliance Gold members can fast track through Security and Immigration - but not at Bangkok International Airport Suwarnabhumi. Despite the fact that Thai Airways is the national carrier and being a major operator at this airport, there is no such service available here.

Though, there are a few companies where, as an arriving or departing passenger, may purchase such a services for roughly THB1400 per person. This usually includes buggy cart pick up, a special fast immigration line and baggage handlers assisting you. Naturally, if you fly one of the few Thai Airways flights out of Suwarnabhumi that still offers First Class (with Thai Airways only available on B747 and A380-flights), this is†free†(as in included).†

Another alternative in obtaining some extra services in Thailand, airports included, you may wish to enroll in the Thailand Elite-club". This option is far from free though, and comes at considerable cost. The fees to become an entry level member runs at 500.000THB, while an additional 1.5 million THB (2 million THB - excluding VAT!), will give you a full membership.†

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