How travel helps make your career fly

Have you ever thought about taking time off work and just go travelling the world? Are you a world-traveller, a wonderluster?†

Experts in various fields have in the past stated that people who work in management positions on ships, such as for example deck officers, are sought after also in jobs at land. Other experts have stated that people who have lived - and worked, abroad for an extended time, are sought after people in many jobs. Then, other experts again, have stated that people who have traveled extensively, are also sought after people for many various jobs on land. Eventually, I have seen and heard experts in linguistics talk warmly about people that have great language-skills in many different languages.†

If all that is true, and based on all those expert-opinions and studies, I think I should be a pretty hot candidate for an exciting and well-paid job. Right?†

A recent survey states that employers see those (particularly the young) who travel as assets, and for having many great qualities.

Such as, for example…:†

Curiosity - frequent travelers tend to be driven by their own desires and a strong urge to see the world through new eyes, and with great interest, also like to see how other cultures live and work. A persons curiousity requires imagination - which is an asset in itself.†

Confidence - people who are able to find their way in a completely different environment, must posses a high level of confidence. Solo travellers especially, must very often rely on themsleves to find the correct way and be able to figure out how to get around various obstacles along the way. Confident people are independent, and doesn’t require someone to hold their hand when they get lost.†

Adaptability - so many things can and will eventually happen to people who often travel the world: delayed flights, loss of possessions, sudden change of plans, and things that are not as they were expected. Dealing with all these issues with great experience, is an indicator on how you handle potentially stressful situations. Basically, it gives a potential employer that you won’t panic if the coffee machine suddenly breaks down at work.†

Organization - in order to get the maximum of each journey, a traveller will have to plan many aspects in advance, do a lot of research, continous on-the-go budgeting, as well as handling a host of many other skills. These are skills very valuable in many job-scenarios. The bigger the trip, the bigger planning and organization is required.†

Intelligence - all new experiences during a travel stimulate the brain in so many unique ways, a stimulation which is not possible to achieve in another settings in your own home-town. Increased brain activity gives higher IQ, and greater creativity. All serious employers will treasure these qualities.†

Affability - everybody loves thinking of themselves as a “people-person”, but it’s probably more likely that a person who has made a lot of travels, will actually be one. A true peoples-person will be very familiar with, and experienced, when having to deal with clients, customers and other colleagues.†

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