His Holiness the Dalai Lama is not welcome?

…. at least not in Norway, because when his Holiness comes to visit this cold Scandinavian country, the country’s top political leaders refuses to meet or welcome him. The reason being they do not want to upset the Chinese Government, but rather be totally submissive to the Chinese.†

Here are some published thoughts on the subject:†

I can not remember having experienced some Norwegian politicians so puny , cowardly and totally without integrity than you and your government right now .

Listen : It's okay - makes you so small and pitiful as you want my share when the Dalai Lama arrives.


Do not you see that you are also reduced me to a pathetic puppet devoid of morality and decency ?

For ye shall not represent U.S. - people in Norway ?

I - and a large majority of the Norwegian population - now have to scramble and defend against the pitiful image you and your giving us. As a Norwegian I appear now that poor man who puts his wallet in front of dignity and what I believe.

Failing to meet the Dalai Lama to appease China is not only outrageous bad - it's so embarrassing that I immediately have to tell all foreign friends that we actually struggling a bit with democratic processes also in this country .

I will simply tell them that it is in the process of developing a negative culture in which the authorities in any way think they always know better than the majority and therefore taking huge decisions completely across people's opinion and will. Understanding what it may.

Dear Erna - if you look out the windows from your office , you can spot the people you serve.

Almost all those out there want the opposite of you in at least two different and important issues ahead:

We will not at all have something of a pitiful capitulation to China. We want you to meet the Dalai Lama, no matter what China says . Do you hear ? Take him extremely well , it deserves him - and you know it .

We are the world 's richest countries and like to call ourselves a democracy with faith in human rights and decency. Do not force us to stop.

One more time : We - the vast majority - will not let us control of some mad men in Beijing that completely flout their own people's welfare , nor mistreat and prisons and kill fellow human beings with different opinions than those approved .

We do not want you to sell our soul , our values ​​and everything we stand for - for China.

We do not want you to prostitute us - for them.

We will not be like them. We will decide himself.

But unfortunately - I do not think you're going to pay attention to the vast majority of people . I think you're going to put you on the back and wag of China.

Remember that you do not do it with our blessing.

Also remember that you save us any speech on May 17 that contains homage of the words freedom of speech , democracy or human rights. No one likes double standards.

You 've already lost face , and how you manage to stay upright is unclear to me. Some spine , it 's not to spot .

You and yours are now about to ruin the whole basis for the constitution anniversary . And soon Olympics matter too. I think the same will happen then. There are now twice as many who oppose the Oslo Olympics that is . I still think you're going to go for a state guarantee , even if no one understands why.

For most intelligent people can easily understand that it is madness to use all of the tens of billions at a party where the IOC could not bear the thought of identifying ourselves with will decide everything . We 'll just stand in the woods and cheer . And pay.

IOC and China goes way along well . Heiberg wasted no time after he was involved in awarding China the Games last. It made ​​him powerful friends inside. Besides the lucrative job in the IOC , he has made ​​his own store of contacts give him. He now opens doors for Norwegians in China.

Is there nothing there , Erna ? Can not use Gerhard , so that we do not have to be set in such a huge embarrassment ? I can do not show me overseas anymore. I wonder if I should say I am Dutch or something. That's enough land to take off. Most countries like to meet the Dalai Lama. But words are not the richest . We choose the shame .

Dear Erna - do not underestimate us. We are not stupid . This is not about the right to speak with China on human rights. We realize that this has with money and finances to do, so save us.

Why can not you just take away from all this ? You 've got a party in the back that was just for the " most people " .

But unfortunately ; nor Reed can help here .

Utopia is in China .

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