HDD: Thirteenth and Fourteenth of January

So, let s go back in time again - this time not too far. We’ll start with January 13th 2007 in the two first images. This was actually a wondeful time of my life. On that day in 2007, I spent time at Erawan waterfall at Kanchanaburi. To spend a day in a national park in Thailand is a great and relaxing day - especially if you have some friends to spend the time with. Friends, food and drinks. The sounds, smells, the Thai food and the local people all makes it an experience.    

A year later, January 13th 2008, I was again in the same place at Erawan national park and the nearby Sri Nakarin Dam. I think I may have been to this national park and the Erawan waterfall more than any other park in Thailand. I really know my way around that area. Even though Erawan waterfall is truly beautiful with it’s seven levels, there is another one quite a bit further into the jungle which holds the medal as the most beautiful of the two: Huay Mae Khamin waterfall. 

A year further on, January 13th 2009, the scenery would be dramatically different from the gibbon-filled tropical jungles of Kanchanaburi: fresh snow and cold air, and a sun barely climbing above the horizon during daytime. The difference in scenery between 2007/ 2008 and 2009 could not be bigger I think: Nærøysundet, Rørvik. 

Then, let us head back again in time, to January 14th. We start with an image from that day in 2004. It’s an image showing a part of my Crystal family, and as I sit right here, right now, I know someone dear to me is on a Crystal cruise. This image shows a selection of the night cleaners on Crystal Symphony, relaxing after a long night cleaning the ship to impeccable standards. Wonderful and hard working family, which sacrifices so much to earn a living. No other people than seamen themselves, are able to fully comprehend the sacrifices seamen do to make a salary. 

Similarly to the first image on this page, taken on January 13th, I was still at Kanchanaburi the following day, at January 14th 2007. The image below shows a total of 5 scenes + one of me from around the beautiful city of Kanchanaburi. The first image was taken at the bridge over River Kwai (famous from the old movie, though not the actual bridge), the next two images are what we can call “river-scenes”, while the forth image shows a detail of the steam train at display by the bridge. The fifth image of the next six is from Kanchanaburi War Cemetery and the sixth and last shouldn’t need any further explenation I guess (it’s me). 

From Kanchanaburi in 2007 we make a jump two years ahead and land on January 14th 2009, and once again, Lissi takes the center stage. I realize now that I do have shared quite a few pictures of this wonderful cat, which in fact, is quite nice right now. At least she will never be forgotten. 

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