HDD: the preview post

As I mentioned a few days ago, in a different blog-entry, I will be sharing images from my massive picture collection starting on January 1st 2015. I know it’s not January 1st quite yet, so this post you may consider as a preview to what I’ll be sharing in the future. Time is money (or is it gold?) so naturally, it all depends on how well it is recieved and by how many finding it interesting enough.  

When firing up the extrernal harddisk (nicknamed HDD), and searching for images taken on December 27th, these two were amongst the first that showed up. Both images, taken back on this day in 2008 reminds me of a time when I was not in a good place at all. I had just moved back to Norway, and was for the time being staying with my step father at Rørvik. Life seemed unimaginably hard, and the voyage ahead was truly unclear to say at least. Those days and months is a time of my life I do not wish to return to - ever. Health was also rather terrible, with very frequent visits to doctors and the hospital at Namsos and Trondheim. 

These two images are, as some of my best friends may remember, the cat Lissi. This was a cat that my mother loved with her full heart, and got as a small and curious kitten. After the passing of my mother, the cats health deteriorated over the months. A few months after these two images were taken, Lissi was so sick that the only sensible thing to do, was to give her final rest. I truly remember how hard that descision was to take. It was like a link to my mother, and it’s difficult to understand the bonds you develop to a pet.  We buried Lissi in the afternoon at my late mother’s and my step-father home, near a tree that my late mother planted while she was still with us. 

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